Driscoll AG - Local Agronomic Advice

We have provided independent agronomist services since 2000.

Driscoll AG currently have seven qualified  agronomists situated between our Maryborough and St Arnaud branches. Who work closely with key industry figures to help provide the best possible agronomy package for our cliental base.


At Driscoll AG we use Agworld to manage our clients data and give chemical recommendations. Agworld also allows us to create farm plans, track and manage product inputs, manage soil tests and pin any hazards an agronomist may see in the field.

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Driscoll AG work closely with PCT (Precision Cropping Technologies) to analyse and process precision data which helps make better informed decisions for the farmer. PCT has integrations with my John Deere and Agworld.

PCT allows the farmer to have access to all precision agriculture maps, yield data, and give them a whole overview of their farm, so they can get a clear insight into what is happening on their farm.


At Driscoll AG we offer a wide array of testing including; Soil tests, tissue tests, grain and seed quality testing as well as water quality tests. We are able to tailor these tests to meet the growers needs.

These tests are evaluated at a lab, once we receive results back we are able to provide recommendations to the grower to improve their farming practices. Testing can give the grower a greater insight into their farm, and allow them to make better more precise decisions for their farming operations.


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