Canola Seed

With the introduction of hybridization in canola over the last few years the industry has grown rapidly in the adoption in its use of these varieties, which offer a wide range of chemical traits, increase disease profile, and increase in yield and oil over the traditional conventional varieties.

Driscoll AG have a long relationship with Pioneer seeds and through this, are now in a strong position to provide our clients with some of the best yielding varieties in the Australian market.

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Pasture Seed

Driscoll AG have been providing custom pasture mixes for several years, with our large onsite mixer we are able to customize pasture mixes to suit your needs.

This has proved very popular with our cliental base as apposed to only supplying pre mixed pasture seed, which is very common in the pasture seed industry. Customize mixes offer our growers greater flexibility with cultivar selection to suit their needs.

Our experienced agronomists are more than happy to sit down one on one with growers to help customize your pasture seed blend.

Course Grains

We provide our valued clients with access to the latest wheat, barley, oat and legume varieties on the market. This seed is generally sourced from outlets across Victoria and NSW.