Veris soil testing takes the guess work out for the farmer, giving them precise and exact results of their soils.

Veris soil testing gives the farmer several maps including; Elevation, EC (Electrical Conductivity), soil zones and pH. From there we are then able to produce variable rate maps for lime and gypsum. Which gives the farmer confidence they are putting products where they actually need it.

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The veris U3 requires moisture to be in the top layer of the soil, which means majority of the testing is done throughout the winter months. The farmer then gets their results and can forward plan for the following season, knowing exactly how much of a certain product is required for each paddock. 

From these results we are taking the guess work away and getting in depth knowledge of the soils. The reason Driscoll AG went down the path of pH mapping, was because we knew how much soils varied in our growing area. We knew for our growers to reach higher yields we had several limiting factors pH being one of them, so by getting an even pH across a paddock we shouldn't see as much variation in yield come harvest time. 

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EM-38 soil surveying can take place at any time throughout the year. The EM maps paddocks similar to the veris, giving the farmer an EC (Electrical Conductivity) and elevation map. One showing the texture of the soil from 0-50cm and the other a combined layer map of 0-100cm. This then can be created into a soil zone map for further testing and create a variable rate gypsum map from there.


The EM-38 gives you live results on the go allowing the driver to see the various soil types within a paddock.


In most fields EC is a direct relation to Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and soil texture (sand, silt and clay).

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The results


The veris U3 runs on a 50m grid, allowing us to keep a tight pH map and pick up as much variation as possible across the paddock. While the EM-38 and the discs on the veris take a reading every second to create an EC map.